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We are…


...an international English-speaking Methodist congregation in Munich.


We are a community of people from all over the world. Christians from more than 25 different nations worship together.


We would be pleased to welcome you - and we hope you will feel at home  among brothers and sisters of all colours, countries and ages. Come and  meet us: short term visitors and permanent residents, managers and asylum seekers coming from many different places being all one in Jesus  Christ. 


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We pray for PEACE!

Latest news:

29/01/2023 | Gospel Service with Gospel 'n' Soul (Thu, 26 Jan 2023)
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18/01/2023 | Ecumenical Worship Service at St. Matthäus Kirche, feat. Peace Chruch's African Choir (Thu, 19 Jan 2023)
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Peace Church @ Instagram (Thu, 19 Jan 2023)
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