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...an international English-speaking Methodist congregation in Munich.


We are a community of people from all over the world. Christians from more than 25 different nations worship together.


We would be pleased to welcome you - and we hope you will feel at home  among brothers and sisters of all colours, countries and ages. Come and meet us: short term visitors and permanent residents, managers and asylum seekers coming from many different places being all one in Jesus  Christ. 


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Good God,


From the beginning of everything your mission has been giving and restoring life throughout all creation—so all people can celebrate your love, life, peace and justice.


We pray for the least favoured and suffering people on this earth, let them find hope, support and what fulfils their daily needs—bring them to new life, so we can all celebrate together.


We pray for our lonely and isolated neighbours, send them people who care, let us find them where they are—bring them to new life, so we can all celebrate together.


We pray for those who have gone wrong and hurt others, find them in their pesronal deserts and dead ends, let them find forgiveness—bring them to new life, so we can all celebrate together.


We pray for this challenged planet, suffering humanity's greed, give us inhabitants of earth insight and determination—bring it to new life, so we can all celebrate together.


You have sent your Son as the way maker of hope for now and ever—let us continue our learning to walk in his footsteps.


::: Amen.

Peace Church United Methodist | AvW | 17/11/2023

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