Advent&Christmas Liturgies 2020
Peace Church Liturgies for Advent 2020.p
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Easter Sunday 2020
Easter Sunday 2020 Liturgy & Sermon.pdf
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Peace Church prayers and celebrations
Here is a selection of beautiful & familiar Peace Church prayers and celebrations which Pastor Christine and Kat Wagner put together. They are an offer to be used in your homes for worship while the churches are shut. Use them in the knowledge that your church friends are using them too. God bless you all.
Peace Church Liturgies.pdf
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Liturgy of the Passion for Palm Sunday & Holy Week 2020
Palm Sunday Meditations 2020.pdf
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Liturgy for a Biblical Meal
Here is a liturgy for a Biblical Meal. Very child friendly and simple. You may use it in your homes whenever you like, and especially on Sunday at 12 noon when we cannot go to church, but you may be having lunch with the family.
Biblical Meal 29 March 2020.pdf
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Here is a morning prayer for church people and families - maybe to be held on Sundays, or every day...
Morning Prayer.pdf
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Here is a simple evening prayer liturgy for families with young children. It is in English and in German. Maybe it helps you in these crazy times? Be blessed and stay healthy.
Evening Prayer.pdf
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