Friends of Peace Church

What is a Friend of Peace Church?

Friends of Peace Church is a scheme for people who have a connection to Peace Church but are no longer active members or attendees. It is a way for us to keep in touch, pray and support each other.


Maybe you used to be a member but moved away. Maybe you visit us whenever you are in Munich. Maybe you have family members who currently attend Peace Church.


Whatever your previous or ongoing connection to Peace Church, your friendship and support is important to us. 


We want to be more intentional about keeping in contact and keeping the connection alive. So, we invite you to become a Friend of Peace Church! (GO TO APPLICATION FORM).


Find more information in our "Become a Friend of Peace Church"-leaflet.

"Become a Friend of Peace Church" Leaflet
Information on the idea of FRIENDS of PEACE CHURCH (FoPC) and how to become a FoPC.
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