Video: Gibril's Church


Peace Church is a huge and thriving community and due to the Covid restrictions, a lot of us missed that. We experienced a lack of connection through Peace Church. We heard lots of negative info. That raised questions:

Is everyone doing okay?
How do we cope?
How can we send positive impulses?
Where do we find God at work today?

We didn’t talk to each other much back then. That needed a change. We came up with an idea that helped a little during those times of isolation: The PeaceCast.


Members of the congregation shared a five minute PeaceCast with the goal of encouraging each other and experience the Peace Church community. Even over distance, even if it’s just hearing each others voices.


We had come up with a set of questions or topics to answer:
·         What is your emotional state?
·         What is your prayer of the day? Any joys or concerns?
·         What makes you smile?
·         What inspires you now?
·         What’s your good news of the day? 
·         Who’s your hero of the day?


You can discover PEACECAST here

or click into the picture with the "rainbow-hands"! Thank you!