Join our Open Easter Choir
Announcements · 28. February 2023
Join our Open Easter Choir for Easter Sunday.

Peace Church News 'Pathway to Easter', February 2023
Announcements · 10. February 2023
Here comes our 'Pathway to Easter' Peace Church Newsletter with all the latest news and information from Peace Church.

29/01/2023 | Gospel Service with Gospel 'n' Soul
Announcements · 26. January 2023
Join us on Sunday for a wonderful Gospel Service with Gospel 'n' Soul.

18/01/2023 | Ecumenical Worship Service at St. Matthäus Kirche, feat. Peace Chruch's African Choir
Review · 19. January 2023
On Wednesday we as Peace Church were co-celebrants at the central Ecumenical Worship Service on the occasion of the 'Prayer Week for the Unity of all Christians'. The service took place at St. Matthäuskirche (at Sendlinger Tor) and featured Peace Church's AFRICAN CHOIR as well as 'Gospel 'n' Soul'.

Peace Church @ Instagram
Announcements · 19. January 2023
Find Peace Church now on Instagram…

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service | INSIGHTS
Review · 03. January 2023
This was our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service…

01/01/2023 | All-Age New Year Worship Service (@Fellowship Hall)
Announcements · 30. December 2022
Start the New Year together with us at PEACE CHURCH.

24/12/2022 | Christmas Eve Candle Light Service (@Fellowship Hall)
Announcements · 22. December 2022
Looking for a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ—Light of the world?

18/12/2022 | All-Age Nativity Service | 4th Advent - Nativity Sunday
Announcements · 17. December 2022
Join us this Sunday for the Nativity Play performed by our Sunday School.

11/12/2022 Open Church Sunday
Announcements · 08. December 2022
Join us und Sunday at 12:00 pm for OPEN CHURCH!

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