Peace Church News, September 2022
Announcements · 12. September 2022
Here comes our 'Back to School' Peace Church Newsletter with all the latest news and information from Peace Church…

Restart after summer holidays
Announcements · 08. September 2022
Our various groups are about to restart after the summer holidays. Find dates for the restart and contact details here…

04/09/2022, 10:30am | Joint Farewell Service for Pfarrer Klaus Pfaller
Announcements · 13. August 2022
On September 4th, we will celebrate a joint worship service together with the Philippus congregation to farewell Pfarrer Klaus Pfaller (Ev. Philippusgemeinde) who is going to retire.

Last Sunday's meditation and bulletin - on the Peace Church App
Announcements · 04. August 2022
On our new Peace Church App you can find last Sunday's bulletin and meditation.

Announcements · 25. July 2022
PEACE CHURCH NOW HAS IT'S OWN APP - Download it (Peace Church UM) on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or use the web app (

Meditation Booklets
Announcements · 28. February 2022
Find here a collection of meditations which were held at Peace Church during the time of the Corona pandemic.

Invitation to Peace Church Worship Services in 2022
Announcements · 01. January 2022
Find here our worshipping opportunities in 2022.