FRIENDS of PEACE CHURCH programme launched

This week the new FRIENDS of PEACE CHURCH programme was launched, a scheme for previous members of PCUM.

About 160 emails were sent to former attenders of PEACE CHURCH with whom we are still connected:


"Greetings from Peace Church United Methodist in Munich!

Having recently celebrated Pentecost, which also happens to be Peace Church's birthday, we are reminded of the many friends near and far who have been part of the Peace Church community over the years.

We know that many previous members and attendees have enduring friendships and fond memories of Peace Church, and we would love for that to continue.

As a church, we would like to refresh and formalise our contact with previous members and attendees. And so we have a new scheme called Friends of Peace Church which is designed especially for you! "


For those who are interested in becoming a FRIEND of PEACE CHURCH there is a special information page and an application form.

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