21/06/2024 | Sing & Connect - Gospel Worship Night

Join us on Friday night for Sing & Connect with Gospel’n’Soul at Peace Church.


::: Connect through music :::

Singing together connects us with ourselves and others around us. While hearing music we sometimes even sense the existence of an unnameable higher power. Gospel and worship songs are inspired by this power and express it at the same time. With Sing & Connect, we dive into this music together. We sing and connect with ourselves, each other and with what we call God. Open up, sing and feel!


::: Building bridges :::

Everyone is welcome, regardless of their church, home country or denomination. Sing & Connect is a cooperation between Munich Church Refresh, Peace Church (United Methodist) and the Evangelisch-lutherische Philippuskirche and has the vision that Christians from different cultural backgrounds can connect through music. Many Christian newcomers to Munich often do not feel at home in the state church. The church services are too different and the language is too difficult. We find a common ground in music. We are led by the vision of a passionate, open-hearted and tolerant church. Sing & Connect is moderated mostly in English.


→ Peace Church United Methodist: www.peacechurch.de/

→ Munich Church Refresh: munich-church-refresh.de/

→ Ev.-luth. Philippuskirche, Giesing: www.philippuskirche-muenchen.de/

→ Gospel 'n' Soul: www.gospel-n-soul.de/


We're looking forward to seeing you on Friday night!

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